Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Re-Cap of August thru October

August 28th - Baby B was born
September 9th - T's first soccer game
where the hubs fell asleep because he worked overtime and got 3 hours of sleep

September 21-25th - We went to Fort Bragg, CA to camp and the boys found a crab at Glass Beach
September 23rd - Younger boy B turned 9 while we were camping!
September 28th - Company Picnic for the hubs so the boys rode the mini train
and Baby B turned 1 month young!
September 29th - Baby B was dedicated at church

Early October - Baby B models a headband I made, gives babywearing a try (and likes it!), and shows off her cute cloth diaper from U.P. Mom Creations
October 5th - The boys get grounded from electronics and find their imaginations and make a lego robot.
October 6th - We celebrate Younger boy B's birthday with a Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 party.  I made these awesome cupcakes and the hubs took the boys and friends to the movies.
October 12-13th - T's team played in their first tournament.  We won the first game and lost the next two.  It was a lot of fun anyways.
October 18th - Headed up to Apple Hill with T, Baby B, and some former students of mine.
October 21st - Getting back into the gym after Baby B.  The knee-ups caused me to get some warrior wounds on my arms. 
October 26th - Baby B is ready to watch the Dolphin's win on Sunday morning against the Patriots.  I didn't take a photo of her when they lost.
Stay tuned for more of our adventures in November!

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