Friday, December 20, 2013

Themed Movie Night: Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Christmas is just a few days away, the kids are out of school, and hopefully you are not too busy to spend some quiet, quality time together at home.  Friday night was pretty much our last night of calm before the busy holiday activities begin and the last minute shoppers rushing to the mall create chaos in our town.

We are basically finished with Christmas shopping; there are a few presents left to wrap and I may go out for a few small stocking stuffers on Monday morning, but the important stuff is done.  Yay!

This left us with an empty night prime for family time.  There are so many great ideas for a Grinch night all over Pinterest, that this night was one of the easiest movie nights to plan. I had fun creating this evening and the boys seemed to really enjoy themselves.  Baby B did what she does best and slept through most of the activities.
Our menu included "Roast Beast" Sandwiches, Grinch Ka-bobs, Who-hash, and Grinch punch.

I made these cute "Grinch Pills" inspired by a post at Crafty Girl 21.  I hid them in the boy's stockings and they munched on them during the movie.

Here are my "Roast Beast" sandwiches and Who-Hash.  
To make the roast beast, I put a 2 lbs beef roast in the crock pot with a can of Beef Consume and 1 cup beef broth on high for 4 hours.  I sliced it up and served on Hawaiian Sweet rolls and put a little of the "juice" from the crock pot in a small bowl to dip the sandwiches in.  Yum!  My Who-Hash was really easy too.  I cooked up some hash browns, added a little shredded cheese, and baked in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.  I could have done more to these, but my boys are picky eaters. 

 These Grinch Ka-bobs were inspired from Nourishing Minimalism
I forgot the bananas.

This Grinch Punch from Taste of Home was delicious!  Mine turned out much more of a neon green than in the picture.  The recipe specified to use neon green food coloring (which I actually had already!), but I think the original post used regular green.  

 The boys were being goofy while eating and took silly pictures.  They had enjoyed the evening though!

Merry Grinchmas!!!

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