Monday, November 11, 2013

The Naked Tank Plus Size Giveaway!

I am very pro-breastfeeding and love following The Leaky Boob on Facebook.  The best way for breastfeeding to be seen as normal, natural, and non-sexualized is to be educated on the subject.  The Leaky Boob daily feeds me with stories of inspiration and courage to go out there and be an advocate for breastfeeding.

Now, if you have been reading my blog, you know that I am working on losing weight so one thing I don't like to show off is my tummy.  And if you have ever tried to breastfeed in public, you know this can be tricky trying to stay covered (if you are a bit more modest like me.)  Since Baby B has been born, I have tried a variety of different cami's under my shirts so that I can keep my tiger stripes and flabby tummy hidden while I try and feed her.

That is why I am super excited about this tank!  It's convenient design allows for mamas to breastfeed and stay covered up - no matter their size.  Let's face it - not everyone bounces to a flat tummy and a size 6 right after giving birth. 

Photo taken from The Leaky Boob

You can be entered to win one of these tanks through November 13th by following this link.  Good luck mamas!


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