Thursday, December 19, 2013

25 Days of Christmas {Catching up}

No, we didn't forget to do our RAK's.

Honestly, money has been so tight we were unable to complete several of the tasks we planned to do.  Isn't that frustrating?  Deep in my heart I wish to help and serve and love on people, but when resources are limited, what is a girl to do?

As it was, we saved our RAK's and spent last weekend doing a bunch of them, plus serving with the Salvation Army.  We still have a few more to catch up with, and hopefully we can get them done before Christmas.

RAK: Taking muffins to his teacher (on a chalkboard plate I made)

RAK: Leave popcorn on a Redbox (this was gone within 10 minutes!)

Being bell ringers for the Salvation Army

RAK: Leave a treat for the mail-lady.  She exlaimed, "Thank You!" when she stopped by.

RAK: Leave candy canes on cars.  They left tons!

RAK: Take your Sunday School teacher a treat.

The boys have been enjoying this advent calendar and I have too.  Guess I need to start thinking of some fresh ideas for next year!

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