Tuesday, December 24, 2013

25 Days of Christmas: Christmas Eve

Well, we made it.

The holiday rush has come down to tonight.  I hope your shopping is complete and you are able to spend the day with your loved ones and just relax.  We have a little visiting to do today, but I am hoping it is all in fun.  With Older Boy away visiting family on his dad's side and my husband working for the first half of the day, it is just the two younger kiddos and I for awhile.

Today's RAK is to put lotto tickets on a few lucky cars.  Every year since I can remember, Christmas morning I would discover lotto tickets in my stocking.  On the rare occasion I won a buck or two, my step-dad would pay me and boy, was I thrilled!  This is a tradition we have carried on in my home so it is fitting that we "share the wealth" (or not, as luck may have it.)

Once the hubby comes home and cleans up, we are off to my parent's house for Christmas Eve dinner and opening presents.  At some point, Older Boy will be coming home and we get to do our yearly tradition.

Every year on Christmas Eve, the kids get new p.j.'s.  What is so funny about this, is that every year they shake the box, wondering what is inside.  Really, kiddos!?  You have not caught on by now?  Ha!  Even Baby B is getting some cute, pink Santa jammies.

Together we will put out cookies and milk (even though the secret has been blown), and put the kids to bed.  Everything was wrapped last weekend, so there shouldn't be much work involved after the kids fall asleep (around 3am, I am sure.)

What are your Christmas Eve traditions?  Please share!

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