Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Advent {23 days left}

It started out cloudy and dark this morning - dark enough to justify lighting up the Christmas tree.  Don't you just love the lights in your home?  It makes my living room feel so cozy.

When I woke this morning, my sons were already up and snooping under the tree and eager to read today's task.  Honestly, this caught me off guard since originally I knew they were expecting to get something in the advent calendar.  Last year our countdown was done with new chapter books for them to read so I could see their reasoning.  It does warm my heart though to know that they are just as excited by sharing kindness as I am.

Today's task:

I had to run to Trader Joe's today and there is a laundromat right near it - perfect!  Older Boy joined me and held on to the baggie of quarters as we drove over.  When I pulled up, he wanted to go in a place the coins on one of the washing machines, so I let him do this alone as I watched from the car.

It wasn't until after the drop-off that I noticed that he had wadded the baggie of coins and note in a ball. Do you see it? ::shaking my head here::

Doing this RAK makes me want to leave little treasures all over the place.  Have you even been the recipient of a RAK?  What was it and how did it change your day?

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