Monday, December 2, 2013

Mommy Con San Francisco {April 12, 2014}

Have you watched the movie, What to Expect When You're Expecting?  I watched it while I was pregnant with Baby B and wished there was an expo for baby gear like they showed in the movie.  Little did I know, there was!  Mommy Con!

Next April, I will be making the drive to San Francisco to check out this convention of all things mommy and baby.  I've already ordered my ticket and am hoping to nab a VIP ticket once they become available.  As a babywearing, breast-feeding, carseat nazi, baby-led weaning, mama, this convention seems right up my alley.
Photo from MommyCon website

Mommy Con Dates:
March 1, 2014: Chicago
April 12, 2014: San Francisco
April 26, 2014: Austin, TX
June 21, 2014: Denver
August 23, 2014: Memphis
TBA: Philadelphia 

You can get information on ticket purchases and what speakers will be featured at your local MommyCon here.

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