Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weight Loss Journey {workout 4}

Kettle bell snatches!
As I have mentioned before, trying to balance my daily calories to include extra calories for breastfeeding and circuit training, but not so much that I do not lose weight, is difficult.  For many years I have used an app to manage that information, but over time, it became burdensome to use.  It doesn't track calories burned for strength exercises and if you lift, you KNOW you are killing some calories.  Just listen to your tummy after a weight session.  Sheesh!

A few days ago, I discovered a new-to-me app for helping track my stats, food, and exercise.  It is called "Lose It."

I WISH this was my screen shot (oh, how I dream of the 140's...)

So far, I have found this app pretty convenient for tracking everything.  It includes a barcode scanner so you can just scan your food item instead of searching for it.  They also list foods from tons of different restaurants and stores.  Score!

Tracking my food and fitness is something that helps keep me focused on my goal.  What keeps you focused?

Today's Workout:

stretching out shoulders, hips, and legs with a resistance band for 15 minutes

Workout {4 rounds}:
Ropes - double waves while dropping to squat and stepping in x 15
Atomic Push-up (left side, right side, pushup=1) x8
Kettle bell snatch x 8 each side
Medicine Ball sit-up (12 or 20 lb) x15
Atomic push-up
Core :
Starfish, sit-ups, leg extensions, Superman's, etc. for 10 minutes

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