Monday, January 27, 2014

{365} Challenge: Get Ahead on a Task

Today's Challenge: Get Ahead on a Task!

With Super Bowl looming and a big party to go to, I want to get my lumpia made and ready ahead of time.  What typically happens is that I realize on Saturday I should make these delicious little snacks, so so I run around gathering the ingredients and then spend all day and night cooking, rolling, and freezing these suckers.

Not this year!

These will be ready to go and in the freezer today, so that I can pull them out and cook them before I head to the party.  No procrastination...yay!

In case you love lumpia and would like to make some yourself, here is my recipe.


lumpia wrappers (I like these ones ------>)
1 lb ground beef
1 package Jimmy Dean's Spicy breakfast sausage
1/2 cup shredded carrot
Fresh garlic
Onion Powder
Italian Seasoning

1. Brown the meat.  As it is cooking, add all of the spices.  I didn't put measurements because I just coat the top of the meat with each seasoning.  The Rosemary gives it such a nice flavor!  Mix it all together.  

2. When the meat is close to done, add the carrots and cook until tender.
3. Drain the fat and transfer meat mixture to a bowl and let cool.
4. I prefer these wrappers:

They do not have papers between the wrappers so I sit down and start separating them and placing the layers on a plate and cover them with a damp cloth.
5. Have a small bowl of water ready.  Take each wrapper and fill with a spoonful or two of meat.  Roll your lumpia up and use the water to help "seal" the wrapper closed.
6.  Place lumpa into a freezer safe ziplock bag and freeze.
7.  When ready to cook (make sure they are frozen or they will fall apart), heat a pot with cooking oil and deep fry until golden.  Place them on a paper towel to soak up the excess oil.  Serve warm.

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