Monday, February 24, 2014

{365} Challenge: Buy Enough for a Month

Today's Challenge: Buy Enough for a Month

We have a Costco membership because we can get some great deals on food for our growing family.  While not everything is a great deal, there is plenty there for us to get some bang for our buck and fill our tummies with good (not always the healthiest) food.

One of my bad habits though, is making several trips out there in a month.  I seem to go every week for eggs and other must-have items.  Not only does this waste my time, but it wastes gas and then I often end up eating more samples (oh, so tempting...extra calories that I do not need) and buying items that I normally wouldn't.  Don't tempt me VitaMix!

So, on Monday I went out to Costco as usual, but with one major change - I took a list that was double my normal list!  
My "Stock-up" List:
 - 2 bags of frozen chicken breasts (these are great, especially for quick, crock-pot meals)
- 5 dozen eggs (we eat a ton of eggs in our home and this is cheaper than 2 of the 24-packs)
- tortillas (at just over $2 for 30 tortillas, this is a great deal and we use them for breakfast burritos and taco nights.
- 2 packs of Spicy sausage (my hubby loves these for breakfast - sliced and mixed with eggs)
- dish soap (one giant bottle of dish soap lasts us MONTHS!)
- 36 pack of bottled water (with California in a drought, I pick up a case each time I go to Costco, to set aside in case of emergency.
- meat (I buy the big packs of meat and separate them and freeze them into "family-size" portions.
-Produce, lots of produce.  

While I am on the topic of Costco, Jordan at FunCheaporFree,com has some great tips on shopping at Costo.

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