Thursday, February 13, 2014

{365} Challenge: Make Valentine's with my son

Today's Challenge: Make Valentine's with my son

My oldest son is in his last year of elementary school.  Next year he will move on to middle school so the days of class parties and mailboxes are coming to a close for him.  It was fun to sit and create Valentine's with him for his classmates.

Ever since my kids started school, we have shied away from traditional Valentine's in the boxes.  You know, the ones that you tear and quickly scribble the "To" and "From"?  Kids just throw these away, so I have always enjoyed helping the boys make something cute that can be enjoyed by the other children.  We have made lollipop flowers, bouncy ball goodie bags, bubbles, and all sorts of fun things.  This year, with extra glow sticks on hand from the birthday party last weekend, we did a simple glow stick Valentine.

I found the printable at Hip2Save and we used the Neon Sharpies from the party to complete them.  I even used a heart-shaped hole punch from my wedding.  My son said his teacher told him these were very creative and the kids were happy to have them.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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