Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DIY: Lucky Letters

I don't know why, but I love St. Patrick's Day.  Something about all of the bright greens, rainbows, and green beer makes me happy, I suppose.  I decided that this year I would create something fun for my home for this holiday that typically lacks in decorations.

Paper mache letters
Rust-Oleum gold glitter spray paint
green & gold glitter combo
self-adhesive spray
clear coating spray (Hairspray also works)

Isn't this gorgeous?!  I bought it to add a little base shimmer on my letters.  You don't need it, but I figure with spray this pretty, I could use it again for Fourth of July or Christmas.  Note: The spray isn't a solid glitter like on the cap - it is a spray to make things sparkle.

First I sprayed the letters with the Rust-Oleum spray.  Notice the sparkle?  Trust me, it was there haha!

After the letters dried, I sprayed them, one at a time, with self-adhesive spray and then coated them liberally with the glitter.  This took a few applications to get all of the visible sides covered.  I decided not to glitter the backs since they will not be seen.

After they were glittered and dried (boy was that a fun mess!) I sprayed them with the clear coating to keep the glitter from flaking off everywhere.

This WILL happen.  Embrace it.

I think they look beautiful!  I am going to add some more green to my mantle to complete the look.

Don't you just love my empty frame?  My rotten cat jumped up there a few weeks ago and knocked it down, breaking the mirror inside.  Yes, he still lives, but he is on my naughty list.

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