Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{365} Challenge: Skinny Plate Challenge

Today's Challenge: Skinny Plate Challenge

As I peruse the pages of Pinterest looking for healthy recipes and motivation for losing the baby weight, often I am directed to blogs of the super fit mamas.  More often than not, they started out skinny and lost the weight quickly.  That can be really frustrating and and depressing for us mamas who struggle day after day after month to shed those pounds post-baby.

Where are my mamas who were not super skinny when they conceived?  What about the mamas who are STILL struggling with losing that weight (whether it has been 3 months, 6 months, a year, or two or more?)  What do YOU do to stay on track despite the lack of movement on the scale or measuring tape?

My weight loss journey isn't fast.  It isn't perfect (I love chocolate!)  My journey has realistic struggles and frustrating plateaus as I try to balance breastfeeding, circuit training, weight lifting, and healthy eating.  I am just an ordinary mom of three who wants to confidently wear a bathing suit this summer without resorting to pills, shakes, or "get-skinny-in-2-weeks" schemes.
Technically, this plate should have just one slider

In an effort to eat better and trim my body, I am doing the Skinny Plate Challenge.   The guidelines are:

1. Meals are eaten off of a salad plate (about 7")
2. Portions cannot be larger than your palm.
3. No more than three portions on your plate.  These must not be crammed on your plate, but fit comfortably on it.  This means chicken, rice, and a veggie; or chicken and two veggies - but no fourth or fifth options - no rolls!  
4.  Dessert counts as one of those three portions.
5. Eat as many plate-fuls as you normally would during the day (so, 3-6 meals a day.)  Because I am breastfeeding, I will be aiming for 6 small meals.
6.  Drinks do not count, but soup does.
7.  You can still have 2 small snacks a day.  Think a handful of nuts, a Lara Bar, carrots and hummus, etc.

That's it!  This is all about portion control, training my mind and body to eat more reasonable servings.  

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