Monday, June 16, 2014

{365} Challenge: Make Blessing Bags

Last October I was caravaning to Hume Lake for a leaders retreat with the youth group staff I was apart of.  We stopped for lunch at In N Out and out in front was a homeless guy with a sign asking for food.  I am always so scared to go up to them, nervous I may get robbed, scared if I try handing them my lunch they will throw it at me (the stories you hear!)

My friend Aleisa purchased a meal and drink just before we left and walked it out to him.  She was even so bold as to pray with him.  It was such an amazing testament of brotherly love and selfless service.  I want to be more like her. 

Since then, I have been eager to make Blessing Bags, so that I have the opportunity to give something to the men and women I see on the corner needing assistance.  

First, I searched my closet and grabbed from the tons of travel sized goodies I always have on hand.  I then wrote out a list of needs and headed to the store.  I ended up doing one bag for a woman (I hardly see women out), and five for men.  

If you decide to put together bags, here is a list of items you can use:
Body wash/soap
ibuprofen (I used a low, 200mg bottle)
shaving items (razor, gel)
bottle of water
granola or protein bars
applesauce (don't forget a spoon!)
trail mix
an encouraging note
coins (for food or a phone call)
a small gift card for food or coffee
baby wipes
nail clippers
feminine hygiene products 

Another thing you can do, instead of tossing old sleeping bags, give them to homeless people.  I know a local mom who collects them every winter and takes them out to the area homeless.  What a thoughtful project!

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