Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Disney's ABC Halloween movie line-up

We LOVE Halloween in our home and all of the autumn goodness that comes with it.  When the California weather finally decides to cooperate, nothing is better than the doors open on a cool evening, chili in the crock pot, apple candles burning, a blanket and movie to cuddle up with.

I love Disneyland at Halloween-time (heck, I love Disneyland anytime when it isn't crowded).  We have taken the kids down a few times for the Halloween party and spent our 6th anniversary there as well, where the hubby and I dressed as Mary Poppins and Bert the chimney sweep.  

When we cannot go to Disneyland, the next best thing is Disney at home.  Halloween movie nights are a tradition in my home and I love the movie line-up that ABC puts out.  They play all of your favorite Halloween movies and often have encore presentations in case you miss them.  

These are not all of the movies that will be playing.  I just focused on the night's main feature.  Go to their website to get the full line-up.  Enjoy!!!

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