Sunday, April 8, 2012


Running changed my life - last year I made a goal to run a half marathon every month.  While I fell short by 6 months, I dropped 30 pounds and found a great hobby.

After I started teaching high school last year, I ran out of time to train and gained back 15 of those pounds I lost.  I kept up a gym membership and gained muscle, but my body really needs to be running to maintain the look I want to have.  With that in mind, I have choosen some races that I want to give a go in 2012.

June 3rd -  Women's Fitness 5K through Downtown Sacramento.  This was my first race ever - see the picture above from 2010 - and I will be attempting it again. 

August 4th - The Color Run  - Doesn't this look like such a fun race!?  After doing two obstacle course races back to back last year, I have been wanting to try some other "different" races and this is just the ticket!

September 2 - The Disneyland Half Marathon - Two years ago, this was my first half marathon which I ran with my friend Celeste.  We stopped for a lot of photos, but still made it in under 3 hours which was our goal.  Last year it sold out in just 6 weeks and since I was broke from a trip to Florida to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I did not get signed up in time for last year's Disneyland Half.  This year was different and I signed up right away.  Good thing too since it sold out in only 4 weeks this year!  That is crazy when it holds a $150 price tag (which does not include a ticket to the park!)

September 22 - The Tough Mudder - My hubby completed this last year and after watching him race it (and even trekking some of the mountain myself to watch him conquer obstacles) I decided to join him and his Army buddies this year.  The training and high elevation will be difficult, but I am excited for the challenge!  Plus... I know Grey's Anatomy actor, Kevin McKidd aka Dr. Owen Hunt, will be running it again.  This is a terrible picture of me, but I was so excited to see him as he completed one of the obstacles.  It was such a surprise as I didn't know he was there - I was only waiting for my husband who was 45 minutes behind Kevin.
October 28th - Mud Run - I did this solo last year the day after I ran the Warrior Dash and have never been muddier or had more fun.  The Mud Run is a 5 or 10K race with Marine-run obstacles like climbing walls, navigating tunnels, tires, and the lake, and crawling through mud pits.  While I will not make the two and half hour drive for the Warrior Dash this year, I will drive the 15 minutes to Folsom Lake to attempt the Mud Run again.  I am thinking 10K this year.

I feel like I should have more races on here.  Are there any fun ones I should look into?


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  2. Hey Jen!
    I love Kevin McKidd!
    I'm definitely not a runner (yet) but way to go on completing so many runs so far.

    1. He is so hot and thanks :) Aim for the Disney races- they are so fun!