Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Camp at Home

Thanks to this awesome blog post: Tropic Home and Family I was inspired to set up my own weekly themed summer camps for my boys.  By the looks of the projects on her blog, her children are younger than mine so I made some adaptions and moved things around depending on what we already had on our schedule. 

Today I will post the bare-bones of what we PLAN to do to.  As the weeks go on, I will add to them about what really happened.

Summer Time, Fun Time - shaving cream fight!

Here are our weekly camp themes:

Week 1 - June 10th: Pirates!
Week 2 - June 17th: Oceans
Week 3 - June 24th:  The Earth
Week 4 - July 1st:  America, the Beautiful
Week 5 - July 15th: Build, Destroy, Construct
Week 6 - July 22nd: Railroads and Trains
Week 7 - July 29th:  African Explorers
Week 8 - August 5th: Castles and Knights

Each week consists of practicing and reviewing math skills, reading and writing skills, geography, arts and crafts, field trips, science projects and listening to music.  While putting this together, I found tons of cool websites all over the internet!  We plan to start homeschooling in the fall and some of the resources I found will be invaluable to that endeavor. 

Along with each week's activities, we also have a summer swim pass for the three local pools, have signed up for Free Bowling, are doing the $1 movies through Regal's Summer Movie Express, and have many park days and trail walks with our mom's group.  It should be a fun and busy summer!  You may have also noticed that there is no camp the week of July 8th.  That is because my boys are going to Hume Lake Christian Camp with our church.  It will be son #1's third trip and son #2's first trip.  We are all excited about them going for a week!

If you are following along with our summer adventures and doing a camp yourself, please comment and tell us what your plans are!

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