Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Butterbeer...It's here!

Raise your hand if you love Harry Potter.  Did you raise your hand?  Then you are as nerdy as me, my friend.  I have read all of the books countless times and watched the movies again and again. 
When companies started coming out with different candies from the movies (Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean, anyone?) I was thrilled.  How often do our favorite movies come to life for us?  Today a friend posted an article about Starbucks secretly serving up Butterbeer this holiday season.  Not every barista is savvy to this beverage however, so it helps to take them the ingredients. 
With this information in hand, I headed over to my local Starbucks.

"I'd like to get a Butterbeer, please,"  I eagerly told the barista.
Blank Stare.  "A what?"
As my confidence wains I reply, "From Harry Potter...butterbeer....here I brought the ingredient list just in case."
Once we got past that initial awkwardness of my extreme nerdiness, she wrote on my cup and passed it over.  The barista concocting my hot drink and I chatted while she made it.  It only took a few minutes and she handed it over, offering to make me something else if I didn't like it. 
It was delicious!   I will note that it is very sweet and I am glad I only ordered a tall.  I don't think I could finish this if it were any bigger.  And I don't even want to know the calories!  Let's just say this a drink to be enjoyed every once in a great while.

You can read the original article and get the ingredients here.

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