Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Re-Cap of November

While California hasn't quite figured out what month or season we are in (hello, upper 60's?!  Where is the rain?!), November was a fun month for our family.

Younger Boy worked on a science project involving salt crystals.  They did not grow as big as he hoped.

Baby B started grasping objects.  Yay!

The kids and I went to watch a movie in the park....but the cold weather made us pack up and head in early.

Tried out my new Oscha Danna's wrap and Baby B loved it.

Tahoe ended the soccer season (yay, free Saturdays again!)

Made mom's award-winning chili (recipe is top secret)
Had our fall/Christmas photos taken - here is a sneak preview.   Photo by Shannon Squires Photography

Baby B is propping herself up so well!

Baby B turned 3 months on November 28th.

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