Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Advent Calendar {25 days left}

I was inspired by a Pinterest find on the Most Lovely Things blog and created my own Advent Calendar.  This project was pretty inexpensive!  I went to Home Depot and purchased the 4x2ft board for under $6.  The chalkboard paint, twine rope, and envelopes I already had on hand.  

First, I painted the board with 4 coat of chalkboard paint.  After it dried, I measured out the twine and hot glued it on the board.  Mine are 9" apart.

The cute little envelopes I found at Michael's.  These were leftover from a previous craft.  Lucky me, I also had these cute letterpress-style stamps on hand to number the envelopes.  
Now here is the best part - each envelope contains a Random Act of Kindness task for my kids to complete.  Today was "Rake a neighbor's yard."  Our sweet neighbors across the street have a huge tree with tons of leaves so the boys went out and cleaned it all up.  About 10 minutes after they finished, I received a text from her that let me know that she and her husband have been battling the flu this weekend and they were so thankful that the boys took care of their yard.  What a perfect God moment that a need was so perfectly filled today!  I am looking forward to the next 24 days.

PS.  I found some great RAK cards here.

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