Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Advent Calendar {24 days left}

So today I realized there are actually 23 days until Christmas. Dang! I've already messed up the countdown. However, the way I arranged the RAK's- the last one falls on Christmas and what better way to celebrate the birth of our Lord, but by doing something kind for others?

So my slightly off calendar stays. 

Today's activity was "Write nice notes and put on people's cars."

We had no errands to run today so the boys delivered them around our neighborhood. I let them have free reign on what to write (darn me for not taking any photos) and what they wrote made me laugh. 

Older Boy wrote,"Dear Neighbor, Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy the holidays. Love, Santa."  He copied this several times and placed them on cars and in mailboxes. 

Younger Boy wrote,"have a Merry Christmas. I hope your kids are good so they get presents. Love, Santa." Then he drew a plate of cookies with an arrow identifying them as a plate of cookies. On the back he wrote:"visit our website at" 

What?! I asked him if he'd even checked out that website to which he replied,"no." Back to the drawing board- I told him that a letter that mentions presents might not be the best letter.  He sat back down and changed his letters to "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" With that he was off, delivery his notes too. 

Today's advent was funnier than I would have thought. I hope each day surprises me in new ways. 


  1. I checked out
    Looks dangerously delicious!

  2. Oh gosh, you are right! At least it isn't something horrible like the time when internet was still new and I thought to see what happened when I put in my name + .com hahaha