Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Making Baby Leggings: a 10 minute and under craft

With the weather getting cold in a hurry and baby who goes through outfit changes like a celebrity hosting an awards show, baby leggings are a must have in Baby B's wardrobe.  I could go broke buying name brand leggings from websites and stores, but at $12 a pop, I had to come up with something a little bit more frugal.  All I needed was a pair of socks and a sewing machine and making cute accessories to keep my little girl warm became a breeze.

First you start out with a pair of cute, socks.  Because it is Christmastime, I went with these snowflake patterned socks.  I like knee-high socks for 6 month+ babies and standard length socks for the younger babies with their adorable, stubby legs.  Also note that if you are picking up a pair of socks with a pattern, the pattern should not have "correct side up."  Essentially, the sock is worn upside down, so anything with a cute character will end up standing on their head.  

Start by cutting the foot off of your sock, trying to keep a straight line.  Then cut off the heel and toes - these you can discard.  KEEP THE MIDDLE PIECE!  This becomes the cuff for the top of the leg.

Now you will take the middle portion of the sock and fold it in half, inside itself so that the pattern in on the outside and rough sides are together.

Slip the cuff over the rough end of the long portion of the sock, line up the three rough edges, and pin in place.

Now begin sewing the cuff onto the sock, making sure to backstitch as you start and finish going around the sock.  Don't sew the sock shut - that would defeat the purpose haha!

There you go!  Cute leggings for whatever occasion you want.  I find many of my socks at craft stores and catch them on sale or use a coupon to get them for 40% off.  Happy Sewing!

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