Monday, December 9, 2013

Themed Movie Night: The Santa Clause

The weather has been super chilly here in Northern California this week - which means we have been bundled up in the house staying warm.  We even got little snow flurries in my town which is a rare treat.  Well, this cold weather gave me another opportunity to have a themed movie night.
Tonight's film:

I really wanted to watch the original Santa Clause, but it was nowhere to be found.  Santa Caluse 3 was a perfect choice in the end with the frosty weather outside.  So, I guess it all works out. So here was the plan:

Here was a shot of dinner - I will post the recipes for the potatoes and Sleigh Sliders tomorrow.  They were delicious!  (Recipes here)

After dinner we made sleigh crafts.  The boys will bless unsuspecting people with these in the next few days.

To make the sleighs you need two candy canes, a piece of red cardstock measuring 5x2 inches, candy, a cellophane bag, ribbon, and a hot glue gun.  You could also use a candy bar instead of the cardstock, but I didn't have any around the house.

Glue the cardstock to the candy canes.  Hold in place until the glue is dry.

The boys then filled the bags with candy and tied it with a bow.

We put a little glue on the "sleigh" and let it cool slightly so it wasn't hot, but was still sticky.  Then we put a small dot of glue on the wrapper of a Santa chocolate and stuck that to the front.


For dessert there was a choice of the leftover Christmas candy  I found these in the bulk bins at WinCo.

For dessert I made Santa Hat Brownies.  I saw the idea on Pinterest and tried to copy it.  As I am looking at this I realize that I forgot to add a dot of white frosting on the top!  Oh well!

After making our crafts we put on pjs and watched the movie while enjoying dessert.  Another successful night!

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