Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{365} Challenge: Comb the House to Clean out the Junk

Today's Challenge: Clear out the Junk

When I look around my home, I find many things we do not really need.  I would love to live a  more simplistic life and that starts by cleaning out the garbage and the items we do not use or need and can be better loved in someone else's home.

Going through your house can seem really daunting when you try to get rid of the things you no longer need.

When you break down the work, however, this massive chore is very do-able for anyone.  Below I will list out what to work on each day.  As you purge your home, you will want a few supplies to help you out:

  • At least 3 large boxes for sorting "garbage, donate, and sell" items
  • household cleaners so you can wipe things down as you go
  • Water!  You want to stay hydrated
Also, make sure you have a clean surface like a large table or counters where you can set things down to sort as you clear out closets, cupboards, and cabinets. 

Make sure you have a clear space to store all of the items you will be donating a selling.  At the end of this purge, you want to be able to easily access the items for a garage sale and/or to run them over to a donation site.

Okay, ready?  Here we go.  You can start with number one or you can jump around the list.  Just tackle one item a day and you will be done in no time.

  1. Kitchen cupboards (dishes)
  2. Kitchen cupboards (food)
  3. Kitchen drawers (utensils)
  4. Kitchen drawers (linens and misc.)
  5. Kitchen cookbooks and recipes
  6. Bathroom cabinets (if you have large bathrooms or 3 or more, you may want to break this into 2 days)
  7. Coat Closet
  8. Linen Closet
  9. Game/Movie Closet
  10. Master Bedroom Closet
  11. Kids Room Closet (one room per day - this could take a few days, depending on your family)
  12. Shoes - everyone's!  Do they fit?  Are they in good condition?
  13. Master Bedroom dresser
  14. Kid's dressers
  15. Kid's toys (If your kid is helpful, have them join you.  Otherwise, try to do this when they are not at home.)
  16. Laundry Room
  17. Office- this could be your desk, or where you keep your office supplies.
  18. File cabinet - clear out old paperwork you no longer need.
  19. Kid's files and artwork.  I try to keep only a few pieces from each year.
  20. Garage (plan at least 2 days for this)
  21. Attic (if you have one, I do not, but I do have rafters full of boxes)
  22. Holiday boxes (sort through and purge what decorations you no longer love or use.)
  23. Backyard (bikes, scooters, outdoor toys, patio furniture and decor)
  24. Front porch (patio furniture, plants, etc.)
  25. Fireplace/mantle 
  26. Books - kids and adult  (You may need 2 days)
  27. Crafting supplies
  28. School supplies
  29. Tools and Yardwork supplies
  30. Cleaning cupboard - wherever you store all of you household cleaners.  Toss anything old, combine multiples if you can.

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