Thursday, January 16, 2014

{365} Challenge: Tuck the Kiddos in Bed

Today's Challenge: Tuck the kids in at night

For years I would tuck the boys in bed each night.  At some point I just got lazy.  I let life keep me too busy to take the few minutes out of my evening and tuck them in and kiss them goodnight.  

They hated that.  They kept asking me to tuck them in and I would make excuses.

Shame on me.

I have about 2,555 nights before my older son turns 18.  Less than that before he doesn't want me kissing him goodnight.  Those opportunities will be gone before I know it and I want to stop wasting them.

So, I will be getting off my booty and tucking them into bed.  

Someone is being a fake sleeper and cuddling with Phin

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