Monday, January 13, 2014

{365} Challenge: Make Date Night a Priority

Today's Challenge: Make Date Night a Priority

If you have been married for any length of time, you know that date night can often get put off.

Especially if you have kids.

Two years ago, I posted about doing a year of dates with my husband.  That actually went really well, even though I failed at posting about each date afterwards.  After those pre-planned dates were over, however, dates once again took a back burner.

I got pregnant, lost the baby, and got pregnant again.  The morning sickness, fatigue, and then the swelling of my belly kept becoming excuses to not go out.  When we went out for my birthday dinner at 34 weeks pregnant, I could barely sit in the booth my back was so sore and I was so exhausted.
Pregnant and 31 (before the exhaustion hit)

Some date I was.

Now it is time to focus on our relationship to make it as solid as can be.  Tonight will be date night.  I have booked the sitter and my hubby has taken over planning for the night. I have no clue what we will be doing - honestly, I am a little scared!

After tonight, it will be my turn to plan out a date night.  I am thinking go-carts...that is something we haven't tried yet in all of the years we have been together.

Watching an MMA fight {2010}

At the (no longer open) Hard Rock Theme Park in Myrtle Beach {2008}

First trip to Disneyland {2008}

Make a Wish Food and Wine Event {2011}

NYC {2010}

Bronx Zoo {2010}

San Diego {2005}

Valentine's Day {2005}

State Fair {2005}

We look so young!!!  {2004}
My 30th Birthday {2012}
Disneyland {2012}
Hike Date {2012}
Price is Right double date with Anna and Drew {2013}
Army Ball {2006}

6th Wedding Anniversary - Disneyland {2012}

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