Sunday, January 12, 2014

{365} Challenge: Watch a Documentary a week

Today's Challenge: Watch a documentary once a week

One of the best things a person can do for themselves is to continue learning.  The more you read and research and discover new things, the more rounded, compassionate, and empathetic you can be.  As I prepared for Baby B (9 years later than my youngest boy), I read tons of information.  Through my research, I learned a lot about the birthing process and parenting that I had never known.  I wanted to kick myself at some of the mistakes I made.  While the past cannot be changed, the future is still ready and waiting for me to be a better person.

It is with this goal and passion that I long to continue to look at growing my knowledge.  Netflix always has tons of documentaries to watch so I figured this was a great place to start.  Recently, a friend on Facebook posted about a "must-watch" documentary called "Blackfish."  It is about SeaWorld and their capture and treatment of their killer whales - and how they have tried to cover up injuries and deaths due to the whales they own.  

This is the documentary I will start with.

Week of 1/12/2014: "Blackfish"

This documentary was really eye-opening and very well made.  I encourage you to watch it. 

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