Thursday, January 23, 2014

{365) Challenges: Make dates with the kids

Today's Challenge: Make Dates with the Kids

You know you need to turn your focus around when the same idea keeps shoving itself in your face.  I knew I should set up dates to spend time with each of my kids one-on-one, but I kept forgetting to make time for it.  

Then, as I was finally getting to my email the other day, a link to an article at the blog, How Does She? discussed this same topic!  That suggestive little nudge was just what I needed to actually make this idea a reality.  If you click on that link, Nicolette gives over 50 ideas for dates with your kids.  There are some great ones, like sneaking out early for a donut, going to see Disney on Ice together, and grabbing nail polish and doing manicures with each other.

My husband and I had been talking about taking each of the boys out for some time alone last year as we welcomed the new baby into our home.  We know it is important so that they feel loved and cared for.  Then even on Wednesday night, after an incident with my older son and a long conversation with my mom, I knew this really had to start happening soon.

What my son did doesn't matter at this point (although I may share it eventually because it was equal parts deceptive, creative, and ultimately funny), but my husband and I discussed a punishment,

(Wait, why did a discussion on dates turn into punishment?)

I am getting there....

We feel our son should do some service projects - help the neighbors, friends, family, community - as a way to "work off" his disobedience, but to also make it a positive experience for someone (and maybe even him.)  Well, this weekend we have the opportunity to go feed the homeless with our church, so I will be taking Older Boy.  This will be our date.  We will serve alongside each other and fellowship with others.

My other son is getting ready for baseball season, so our date will involve going to the park to play catch and hit some balls.

The goal is for my husband to also do things with the boys.  He is taking classes at the local community college and we talked about the boys having some "homework dates" at a coffee shop.
I love spending time alone with my kids at Disneyland

While I look forward to our date this weekend, share with me what you love doing one-on-one with your kids!

This is at a Jello Flop - kids belly flop into 300 gallons of jello goodness!

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