Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Re-Cap of December

Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014!  I hope your Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate was full of fun and laughter.  Here is a glimpse of our month!

Younger Boy, Baby B and I headed down to San Francisco for Homeschool Day.  We had a great time checking out the different ecosystems, animals, and aquatic life spread out throughout the museum.  

Baby B had her first Santa picture.  While she didn't smile, at least she didn't cry!

Younger Boy B started doing parkour and is loving it!

Phin the cat escaped during the coldest week we had with nights in the 20's.  After 48 hours and us giving up hope that he had survived the weather, he showed up at our door to the delight of all.

We went to our church's annual Christmas event, Christmas Remembered.  The boys had fun making ornaments and decorating cookies.

Cute girl!

We went out for a family night of Chick Fil A and Christmas lights.  Everyone was feeling goofy!

After lights, we went to visit our friends and Baby B had a nice sit with her boyfriend, Simon.

We also went out another night to check out "Disney Lane" - one of the highly decorated streets near our home.

During a dance performance at school, Older Boy won a scholarship to Anti-Gravity School of Dance!

After her wedding and move to Santa Barbara, it was nice to meet up and visit with my friend Anna.  Baby B took a nap.

We went out to visit my stepmom and stepsister and open presents.

Doesn't Baby B look super excited about gifts?  No?  Maybe next year :)

Happy New Year!

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