Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY: Clipboard Organization

With every family comes stacks of papers.  Fundraiser packets, notes, bills, fliers, chore lists, and the the list goes on and on.  We always struggled with stacking all of these papers on our kitchen table.  Finally, I had enough.

I grabbed some clipboards and gave them a quick makeover, hung them in the kitchen, and problem solved.

We have one for each one of us (except for Baby B) to hold important papers that are not "file" worthy.  On my board I keep monthly chores, labels for canning, doctors information, and some cards that came with flowers from my boys.  My husband keeps his school papers in order.  Older Boy has his chore chart up while Younger Boy's chore chart is hidden under his daily assignments for homeschool.

You can either decorate your clipboards with scrapbooking paper as I did, or leave them bare for a simpler look.  

I hammered in some nails on an empty wall in our kitchen and there we go!  

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