Saturday, January 11, 2014

DIY: Play Kitchen Up-Cycle

I am blessed to know many talented ladies.  So many of the women in my life are creative and inventive and their talents and passions inspire me to do so much more.

Over the past week, my friend Kate has been busy working on a play kitchen for her daughter, Presley.  She has pulled out all the stops to make a simple kids kitchen into something little girl's and boy's dreams are made of.

Here are the teasers she gave us during the week.

It already looks great, right?!  Then she finishes it off.

If you look closely, you can see that Kate used old baking containers to fill the cupboards (yay for not making garbage!)  I love the family photo in the "window"; what a sweet touch.  Kate made the curtains herself.  Her daughter even has her very own phone (that was found at Goodwill and spray painted) and it looks like every kitchen item known to mankind.  The oven mitt was a find in the Dollar Spot at Target and the rack it hangs on was another Goodwill treasure.

What a beautiful display of craftsmanship that her daughter is sure to love for years to come.  Thank you, Kate, for letting me share your talents!

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