Wednesday, February 5, 2014

{365} Challenge: Make my son's birthday special

Today's Challenge: Make my son's birthday special

Today my oldest son turns 11!  I officially have a pre-teen in the house.  Where has the time gone?!

While parenting this child has not been without struggle, there have been plenty of times of laughter and amazement as I have watched him grow and learn.  There were the days, after his brother was born, where he would (daily) dump the cat food in the water; or the times he would color on furniture or fight with his brother.  But there have also been the blessings of watching him perform dances at school, excel in reading, and play soccer - and kick the ball so hard down the field that it smacks an opposing player hard in the face and we struggle with cheering for the amazing kick and containing ourselves to make sure the other kid is okay.

Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately), Tahoe was sick at school yesterday (but is well now), but as a precaution, must stay home today.  It allowed all of us to sleep in a tiny bit and gave me time to make him some birthday pancakes.  He was grinning ear to ear with us singing to him and watching him blow out the candles in his pancakes.

2 candles make an "11"!

We use this plate I made at Petroglyph  a few years ago and we serve up meals for the boys on it when it's their birthday or they have done something great in school or for another person.

Tonight will be low-key since Younger Boy has baseball practice - the real fun will come on Friday night when we have the sleepover (wish us luck!)

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