Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dirty 30

A few years ago, my trainer gave me the Dirty 30 list and I immediately went home and placed it on my fridge.  While I love most of these foods, I know they are not great for my health and need to keep them out of my body.

The worn paper needs to be replaced, and while I do that, I thought I would share the list with you.  Copy the list and put it on your fridge for a daily reminder of what you should steer clear of to get that body you are dreaming about.

  1. Kids cereal
  2. donuts
  3. soda
  4. french fries
  5. white bread
  6. white rice
  7. candy
  8. ice cream
  9. cookies/cake
  10. hash browns
  11. croissants
  12. sugary coffee drinks
  13. energy drinks
  14. regular chips (Doritos, Lay's, Cheetos, Pringles, etc.)
  15. pot pies
  16. ramen noodles
  17. fried meat (chicken strips, fried fish, hamburgers)
  18. bacon (sad face!  There are healthy bacon alternatives out there, though!)
  19. salami/pepperoni
  20. hot dogs
  21. bloomin' onions
  22. nachos
  23. crispy chicken sandwiches
  24. margarine
  25. gravy
  26. Caesar dressing
  27. mayonnaise
  28. cheddar cheese
  29. alcohol
  30. ranch dressing

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