Wednesday, March 5, 2014

{365} Challenge: Meal Prep for the Month

Today's Challenge: Meal Prep for the Month

What day is it?!  It's HUMP-DAY!  I love Wednesdays because my husband is home during the day and the boys are at school.  It allows me time to have help with Baby B so that I may clean and get tasks done that are otherwise more difficult while juggling the baby.  

Yesterday, I worked on my meal plans for the month and because of our busy schedule, I relied heavily on meals that are quick to make and, more often than not, can go in the crock pot.  It is important for me to be able to focus more on my family than spending hours in the kitchen each night preparing meals.  

So, with my husband home today, I set to work prepping meals and tossing them in the freezer.  It is amazing how little time this takes.  You can prep 2-3 of the same meals in about the same time as you would spend making one and then toss them in the freezer.  On busy days, I can grab one of them out and put it in the slow cooker and let that do the rest of the work.

My favorite site for getting slow cooker recipes is Once a Month Meals,  There are tons of recipes to use on this site and many of them work for my picky family.  

Over the Moon also has a great list of easy freezer meals - you can make and freeze 14 meals in just an hour and a half!  Score!  


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