Monday, April 21, 2014

{365} Challenges: Start Running Again

Today's Challenge: Start Running Again
After scoring the BOB jogging stroller, the message was clear:  I MUST start running again.  Plus, summer is coming and my sons have season passes, thanks to the grandparents, to the local water park.  That means I will have to put on a swimsuit and supervise them there this summer.  Time is running out!  No pun intended.

Today I packed the BOB into the Jeep, along with 2/3 of my kids and Micah the dog and we headed to the trail for a little jog.  The weather was so nice, we even found a spot along the creek to stop and let the dog and Older Boy splash around a bit.  Baby B dipped her toes in, but I was too busy holding her to take a photo.  She loved it!

We completed about 2.5 miles and ran most of the time.  I would say that is a good start for having not run in a few years!  Now to make it a regular habit :)

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