Saturday, June 9, 2012

Disneyland Scavenger Hunt for Kids

My family loves Disneyland. And I mean LOVES Disneyland. Even though it is a 7 hour drive to get there, we make it a point to go several times a year and are annual passholders. Normally, we only have time to go for 2-3 days, but thanks to my employer who provides us with a timeshare option, we get to go for a whole week!

To keep the trip interesting I have created a scavenger hunt book which allows my sons a chance to explore parts of the park they may not see or do if we just walked around. I created this book long before I was making tutorials, so I apologize that there are not more photos of the assembly.

You will need:

White cardstock

One piece of thick, sturdy scrapbooking paper

Stickers or scrapbooking supplies as desired

A printer


-and- either a quick trip to Staples, or 2 rings and a hole punch

How to:

Compile a list of finds or activities. Using a word program, set the layout to “landscape” and create two columns. Then, insert two different quests on each side of the page. After you are done you can print them all out on the cardstock, cut the paper in half, and assemble in the order you want them. I took my “book” over to Staples where they spiral bound it for me for just a few dollars. Once bound, you can add scrapbooking embellishments for some flare. I also added a pencil pouch that had a few markers, colored pencils, tape, and a glue stick to help them.

Here is a list of some of our “hunt” quests:


You hold in your hands your very own Disneyland Scavenger hunt book. On each page of the book you will find tasks to complete. Try to complete as many tasks as possible. Write information about what you find on the pages where they are listed. Have fun and be creative!

    COMPLETE as many tasks as possible.
    Use the supplies in the pocket.
    Stick each found item to the page it belongs.
    Have fun!!!

  • What is the population of Disneyland?
  • Trace the boarding pass you need to ride Dumbo.
  • How many lanterns are above the teacups? Take a picture in a teacup.
  • Use this decoder to decipher a message on Indiana Jones (Just google the image - they are all over the internet)
  • Drive your parents crazy and get a license. Stick it here.
  • High on top of the Matterhorn Bobsled station, a flag waves in the air. Draw it here.
  • Along your walk in Tarzan’s treehouse, some characters from Beauty and the Beast appear. Who are they? Take a picture.
  • Pretend to be a dog at Mickey’s House. What is the dog’s name? Take a picture in his bed.
  • Take a picture in front of the longest ride in the park. What is its name? What do you ride in? (Answer: It’s a Small World)
  • While riding Pirate’s of the Caribbean, answer these questions:
    • How many skeletons are on the ghost ship?
    • In the captain’s quarters, what is sitting on the harpischord stand?
    • How many cannons are on the warring ship?
    • How many men are about to get dunked in the well?
    • Oink. Oink. How many pigs are playing in the mud?
    • How many live prisoners are trying to get a key from a dog?

  • Find something with your age number on it.
  • What is the station number for the fire department on Main Street in Disneyland? Take a picture near the fire truck.
  • According to the tram announcements, what must you wear at all times at Disneyland?
  • Find the Dream Suite and take a picture in front of it.
  • Get a map of Disneyland in a different language. Place it here.
  • What are the names of the 8 Tiki Gods?
  • What is the population of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?
  • Take a picture of you pointing to Walt Disney.
  • What has polka dots inside Goofy’s playhouse? Draw them here.
  • Press some pennies around the park. Stick them here.
  • What Disney character are you most like? You must be in Beast’s study to find out.
  • Get a map of the Jungle Cruise (ask a Cast Member as you exit the ride) and attach it here.
  • How many rides are in the Bug’s Life World? What was your favorite one?
  • What happens when you touch the golden apple outside of Snow White’s Scary Adventure? Draw the apple here.
  • Write about the scariest ride you went on.
  • Find a Cast member from your hometown and have them sign below. Don’t forget to take a picture with them!
  • At the Blue Ribbon shop you cannot buy ribbons. What can you buy? Draw a picture and stick something from the shop here.
  • Find a door with the number 33. Take a picture next to it and draw what it looks like here.
  • How many bullet holes does the Shooting Express have on its sign? 
  • What non-Disney character can you find on Ariel’s Underwater Adventure?
  • Ask a Cast Member to share a park secret with you. Write it here.

With the new addition of Buena Vista Street and Carsland, I will be searching out new items from these two areas. I hope your family has a blast searching the park and discovering new secrets!

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