Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Mantle

This morning I woke up early with that urge to clean and decorate.  Baby B also decided it was time to be awake too.  As "we" were picking up around the living room, one look at my mantle, now barren of Christmas decor, let me know that something had to be done to continue the festive decor for New Year's Eve.

As I walked around my home, I found a few clocks and some items that would help create a fun display for Tuesday night.  We don't have the extra money to go purchase new things for me to decorate with every holiday, so I try to look around my home to see what I can use and craft with to change, even if only slightly, my mantle each month or two.

I used the left over garland from my wreath to spread out on the mantle and used my chalkboard tray to create a chalk clock.  The candle I made with fabric scrapbooking "paper" and twine.

I have many of these blue Ball jars lying around so I filled them with poppers and blowers.  Of course, what New Year's Eve celebration is complete without crowns?  

I hope you were inspired!  Share your link if you have a cool New Year's Eve mantle to share.

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