Monday, December 16, 2013

The Man in the Tutu

I cannot have a blog titled, "Everything is More Fun in a Tutu" and not draw attention to one of the most amazing men out in the world today.

While, my husband is one of them, he is not who I am talking about today.

Maybe you have heard of this guy.  To help his wife as she battles cancer by making her laugh and smile, he sheds his clothes and dons a pink tutu.  That's right, a man in a tutu.

I applaud this man and how he can be humble enough to do such a sweet gesture in support of his wife.  My prayers go out to her and all of the others who battle cancer.  It is a subject that hits close to home for me.  I lost my brother at age 14 to Ewing's Sarcoma, as well as losing two grandmas and two grandpas to cancer.  My aunt and another grandpa both battled and thankfully beat it.  Cancer is not a walk in the park and chemo and radiation are no joke.

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