Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{365} Challenge: Complete some things I have been putting off

Today's Challenge: Complete things I have been putting off

You know that to-do list that has been sitting there for awhile?  Yeah, you know the one.  I have had a few small tasks on mine that I keep delaying.  It's not like they will take that long to complete, but "better" things keep popping up.  

My plan today was to get some things done.  The feeling of checking off those items felt great!  This will surely happen again this year.

Task 1: Re-hang the shelves.  I repainted these yellow over a year ago.  They sat under the bathroom sink all that time.  I love yellow and grey, don't you?

Task 2: Re-purpose old frame.  My grandpa sent me home with a dozen old frames with my baby pictures inside.  I am NOT hanging my baby pictures around the house so I repainted the frame, added burlap, and now it makes a cute white-board in the boy's bathroom.

Task 3: Teacup Bird Feeder.  A little E-6000 glue and an old teacup.  Easy and adorable and now I have a little more space in my cupboard.

Task 4: Make a prettier bouquet.  My hubby bought me flowers on our date last week and they are still looking gorgeous, but the big bouquet in a big vase was a little over-whelming.  I grabbed some of my blue Ball jars and divided the flowers up.  Now they look much more country chic, like I prefer.
Task 5:  Make babylegs!  I bought the cutest outfits for Baby B at Crazy 8 in several sizes.  Most of the outfits are skirts and dresses, but they were out of the leggings in her size.  So, I did what any good crafter would do and I purchased the socks so that I could turn them into baby leggings.  This seriously takes no time at all.  My tutorial is here.

Pretend there is a magical puff of clouds and sparkly music!


Task 6: Make Older Boy's birthday invites.  He is having a slumber party with a neon color scheme.  I ordered the invites from Fancy Schmancy on Etsy.  They are completely customizable and were sent to me within minutes.

Ahhh....That feels so much better!

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