Monday, January 20, 2014

Weight Loss Journey {Workout 5}

I haven't posted my workouts in awhile because I have been super busy, but I am trying to get more up for you to use.

This past week I made it to the gym 5 times (including twice in one day).  My legs are SORE!  Everyday is leg day at Life Changer Training Institute and that's the way I like it.  

Today's Workout:

Use the TRX to do 2 sets of:
recline pulls x 10
high pull into press x 10
squat rows x10
incline pushups x 10

Workout {4 rounds}:

Ropes - hold plank while using one arm to twirl one rope 20 times each arm
Meta-back on resistance bands:  30 rows, 
                                                    40 bent-over alternate rows (20 each arm)
                                                    15 snap-downs 
                                                    10 jump rows
Kettlebell high swings (or high pull into press) x 20

REST 5 minutes
Then... 4 rounds of this:

Turkish Get-Ups  - 3 each side
Yoke Push-ups with feet on raised box or Bosu ball x 10
Bent over rows with barbell loaded to 85 lbs x 8-10
Kettlebell (26 lb) tricep extensions x 20

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