Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Workout Journey {Workout #6}

All of that hard work last week really made me feel great.  The only downside?  It appears as if I have injured my right knee.  Yesterday I had to go get a knee brace to help support it at the gym.

This little setback is frustrating because it means I have to scale back the weights and box jumps.  Hopefully, with some rest and ice, it will heal quickly.  So, even with an injury, I was back at the gym yesterday ready to give it a go.
Not my photo, but models Kettlebell run

Today's Workout:

lunges, inchworms, tiger crawls, walking hip flexors, spidermans, and other active stretching exercises for 10 minutes.

Practice form for clean to press - light weight - 4 rounds of 8

Workout {AMRAP= as many rounds as possible} 20 minutes:

100 yard run while holding a 26 lb Kettlebell
12 box jumps
12 wall balls
24 kettlebell swings
24 body weight squats

3 sets of 12 ab rollers

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