Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weight Loss Journey {workout 2}

As much as I cheer on (I really do!) those who fight hard for their post-baby bodies.  I am getting sick of seeing the photos online.  Am I wrong in thinking that most moms do not pop out a kid and have a flat tummy in two months?  I feel like moms like me are more the norm.

I took my measurements the other day and my tummy is 5" bigger than it was 13 months ago.  Right now I am 16 weeks pp and still hitting the gym, not eating out, trying to drink tons of water, and STILL trying to figure out what I need to get right so that the weight comes off.  While I would love to do some shake or pill, breastfeeding my little one is THE most important thing because, let's face it, Baby B is the most important thing right now and she needs all of the nutrients I can give her.

So for now, I will stick to a healthy diet and exercise to try and shed weight and be ready for swimwear next summer.

{Workout 2}

Warm-up for 10 minutes

Circuit: 4 rounds
Bicep curl to shoulder press x 10 (with fat bar)
Goblet squats with 35lb kettlebell x 10
Bosu Ab-touch x 10 each side
Alternate waves on rope with reverse lunge x 10 each side
Modified Muscle Up on TRX x 10 (or full muscle up's if you can)

Strength: 5 sets of 5
Back squat at 70% max

Abs: 3 sets 
Leg curls in suspension trainer x 15
hip thrusts with feet in suspension trainer x 10

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